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Commercial Services


Commercial Inspection or Commercial Consulting services include evaluation of structures from smaller storefront or quadraplex type properties to much larger multi-unit office or industrial type properties.  Commercial Consulting services also include Property Condition Assessments or "PCA" .  Indepth Engineering Evaluations and or Environmental Surveys, such as a "Phase 1" Environmental Risk Assessment, are often incorporated into our Commercial Consulting Services.  Our team of Professional Commercial Inspection and or Commercial Consultants is ready to serve building owners, banks, lenders, buyers and realtors in any Commercial Real Estate transaction.  


Property Condition Assessment (PCA)

More about the AHI, Inc. baseline Property Condition Assessment or "PCA" - in July of 2008 the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) published updated Standards for conducting a baseline Property Condition Assessment (PCA).  This standard (ASTM E2018-08) is available for purchase at the ASTM web site www.astm.org and was intended and written for commercial real estate transactions.  Creation of this Standard has outlined protocol for due diligence Commercial Building Inspections.  

As per the ASTM Standard a baseline PCA should include the following in order to provide "good commercial and customary practice":

  1. Documentation Review and Interviews
  2. Walk-Through Survey
  3. Preparation of Opinions of Probable Costs to Remedy Physical Deficiencies.
  4. Creation of Property Condition Report (PCR).

Our typical Property Condition Report includes:
    • Opinions of probable costs only for repairs likely to exceed $3,000. These costs should be for immediate repairs (within one year) and for short-term repairs (within one to two years).
    • Estimates of remaining useful life for building components.
    • Photographs of typical building elevations, major systems and major deficiencies noted.
For many Commercial clients a baseline Property Condition Assessment (PCA) provides valuable insight to the general condition of the building and its major systems.  Services are performed in accordance with the ASTM Standards of Practice for Property Condition Assessments (ASTM E2018-08).