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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the qualifications of your Inspectors?

Our Inspectors have a strong background in residential construction. This
is the most common qualification for Home Inspectors. Beyond this, we
require our Inspectors to be full members with the American Society of Home
Inspectors. An ASHI membership and certification is the best qualification
for Home Inspectors. Pennsylvania, New Jersey and the city of Philadelphia
currently require licensing of Home Inspectors. This ensures the client that
the Inspector has performed required continuing education and passed
technical and ethical exams, as well as carrying the appropriate insurances.


Are any of your Inspectors engineers?

No. The best background for a Home Inspector is residential construction
experience. Should an item of serious significance become apparent, we may
recommend further review by a structural engineer, however, most issues can
be resolved without the high cost of an engineer.
AHI, Inc. has a consulting engineer available should the need arise.


What happens if I find something wrong after I move into the house?

We are happy to say it is very rare that we have such calls. AHI, Inc. takes pride in resolving any issues amicably and quickly.  Feel free to call our office with any concerns.


What type of warranty do I get with your Inspection?

Our Inspection, as with any home inspection, is based on concerns evident at
the time of review. Due to the nature of any home, conditions can, and do change.
AHI, Inc. does not warrant against future problems.  If a concern does become evident, you are welcome to call for our input. Home
warranties are typically available through a Real Estate agent.


Are your prices negotiable?

No. Our prices are very competitive. Based on the level of service we provide.
AHI, Inc. offers you more buying power than other inspection companies. We offer discounting on additional testing if purchased with the Home Inspection.


What type of warranty comes with your termite inspection?

Our report is based on our findings at the time of Inspection. Due to the nature of
most wood destroying insects, we cannot guaranty against future infestation. Our
certification is valid for use within ninety (90) days of the Inspection date. During
this period, should any concerns become apparent, we request that you contact
our office for further review.


If you don't treat termites, why should I have you inspect for them?

As with any of our Inspection Services, we do not perform corrective measures.
This allows AHI, Inc. to provide a truly non-biased evaluation.


How long has your company been in business?

AHI, Inc. has been in operation since February 1997.  Prior to starting the company, the owner was employed as a supervisor with another local Inspection Firm for over 8 years.


What type of insurance do you carry?

We are covered by Errors and Omissions Insurance, Liability Insurance and Workers Compensation Insurance.


Can you provide costs for repairs of the problems you find?

We are not in the contracting business, therefore, it is difficult for us to provide
accurate costs for repairs. When able AHI, Inc. will provide cost guidelines for conditions considered a Material Defect. 
We always recommend obtaining quotes from qualified contractors.