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Types of Services

Pre-Owned Home Buyers Inspection

·         A visual Inspection of the home performed in accordance with the ASHI Standards of Practice.
All conditions and concerns are clearly documented for your reference.


Pre-Sale Sellers Assistance Inspection

·         Allow our Inspectors to assist in recognition of concerns BEFORE your home is put on the
market. This proactive approach enables you to disclose or resolve concerns that may,
otherwise, jeopardize the real estate transaction.


New Home Specification Consultation

·         A thorough review of plans and specifications to determine accuracy.


New Home Progress / Phase Inspection

·         Periodic Inspections are performed on-site to determine the project status and
general quality of materials and workmanship. Common phases include:

ü  Completion of foundation

ü  Completion of rough framing and mechanicals

ü  Completion of insulation

New Home Final Punch List Inspection

·         This final Inspection is performed after the builder has indicated that all components and systems
are complete. Our Inspection is focused on the structural and mechanical systems, as well as
cosmetic details and workmanship.


New Home Warranty Inspection

·         Prior to specified warranty periods, the home is Inspected for concerns that should be addressed
by the builder.


Pre-Settlement Walk-Through Consultation

·         Our assistance during the walk-through will document any remaining concerns that need to be
addressed at settlement.


Repair Adequacy Consultation

·         Our Inspectors will review the specified areas of repair to determine adequacy
and quality of the work.