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Swimming Pool Inspections

Considering the complex nature, staggering costs and inherent safety risks of the typical residential inground pool system, hiring a Professional Pool Inspector may prove to be one of the smartest investments a residential pool owner can make.  AHI, Inc. - Pool Inspections is a full member of the Northeast Spa & Pool Asssociation (NESPA) and The Association of Pool & Spa Professionals (APSP).

AHI, Inc. - Pool Inspections is a non bias, Inspection only firm, dedicated to clearly and accurately reporting the conditions of even the most complicated pool systems in an easy to understand format.   Easy and flexible scheduling, prompt and professional Inspectors, unsurpassed reports and reasonable service fees make AHI, Inc - Pool Inspections the clear choice for home owners, buyers and or real estate professionals.  

Our Professional credentials make the difference.....As a respected leader in the Commercial Inspection, Residential Inspection and Environmental Testing fields, AHI, Inc - Pool Inspections offers the competance and knowledge to complete an in-depth evaluation of the inground residential pool for structural, mechanical and safety related defects and or hazards.   All Inspections are performed by a NSPF Certified Pool Inspector/Certified Pool Operator.

Considering the safety and liability aspects alone, owning a pool presents a challenging and ever changing spectrum of circumstances that can leave even the most careful owner exposed.   You owe it to family, guests, neighbors and yourself to make the ownership of a swimming pool the safe and enjoyable aquatic experience it should be.   So before you jump in the deep end let the Professionals at AHI, Inc. - Pool Inspections check it out!