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Qualifications & Awards

CERTIFIED POOL OPERATOR (NSPF#19-237969)     - The NSPF Certified Pool Operator credential is awarded to the pool professional who has proven, through specialized education sessions, hands-on training classes and examinations to   have a thorough understanding of the operation, management and maintenance of a swimming pool facility.

CERTIFIED POOL INSPECTOR - The NSPF Certified Pool Inspector credential is awarded to the pool professional who has first achieved the NSPF CPO credential, then completed additional training which is specific to defect recognition in swimming pool systems, operation and or safety.   This credential is optional and typically only achieved by the pool professional who desires the highest level of competancy and expertise.  

CERTIFIED HOME INSPECTOR (ASHI#200593) - The American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) has long been recognized as the national leader in the Home Inspection membership organizations.   While this credential is geared toward inspection of building systems and components there is a clear crossover to the qualifications of a Pool Inspector. 

Recently, ASHI has developed and approved a Standards of Practice (SOP) & Code of Ethics (COE) specific to Pool Inspections.  As a CPI, being cross-credentialed as a Certified Home Inspector gives clear evidence of a unique qualification to better understand and recognize a much broader range of system, component and or safety defects.


Recent Professional Development Educational Specialty Awards have been granted to AHI, Inc. - Pool Inspections in the following areas:

  • Gunite & Shotcrete applications, placement and defect recognition in swimming pool construction
  • Assessment of Leaks in swimming pools (Level 1)
  • Hands on leak detection techniques (Level 2)
  • ANSI-ASAP 5 Residential Inground Pool Standard Comprehensive Training
  • Virginia Graeme Baker Pool & Spa Safety Act