Basement: Check House Support Beams


Catching water leaks early can save you thousands of dollars. So it’s a good idea to install electronic leak detectors everywhere in your home where there could be water leaks (water heaters, washing machines, air conditioners, etc.).

Routine Care

Check house support beams

If there are gaps between the beams and house girders, then the beam is not carrying the proper load of the house, which can lead to shifting and settling of floors and walls.

Timing: May (every 5 years)

How To

Inspect each support beam to ensure that there are no gaps between beams and the main house girders.

Gaps should be filled by driving in shims (thin pieces of metal or hardwood) as necessary.


The benefits of this task are relatively high. Doing this task can help prevent uneven settling of your home, which can cause cracking in your walls and floors.


The cost of this task is very low. It is estimated that this task should only take about 30 minutes to complete, and the task is relatively easy to do. Depending on how your basement is finished, you may need a flashlight to do parts of your inspection.


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