Basement: Remove Debris from Basement Window Wells


Catching water leaks early can save you thousands of dollars. So it’s a good idea to install electronic leak detectors everywhere in your home where there could be water leaks (water heaters, washing machines, air conditioners, etc.).

Routine Care

Remove debris from basement window wells

As debris builds up in this area, it can lead to such problems as: leaking windows; nests for insects; window corrosion; etc.

Timing: Every 6 months: April, November (yearly)

How To

The window well areas should be cleaned of any debris such as leaves or dirt that has accumulated down in the window wells.

Also check for any evidence of termite damage, even if the foundation is concrete.


The benefits of this task are relatively high. Doing this task can help prevent serious damage by water and pests, including termites, which can be very costly to eliminate and repair damage from.


The cost of this task is very low. It is estimated that this task should only take about 30 minutes to complete, and the task is relatively easy to do. No specialized tools are required.


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