CO Detectors Safety Tips


If your home has just carbon monoxide “alarms” you might want to consider upgrading (or adding) more sensitive CO “monitors.” Especially if you have family members who are pregnant, or have heart or lung issues.

Routine Care

Replace batteries and clean unit

This task is important for safety reasons. Exposure to a low concentration over several hours can be as dangerous as exposure to high carbon monoxide levels for a few minutes.Newer carbon monoxide detectors can detect both situations.

NOTE: Although carbon monoxide detectors can be used to help alert you to the presence of carbon monoxide, they should not be used as a substitute for proper use and maintenance of your fuel-burning appliances.

Timing: August (yearly)

Replace sensor component

This task is important for safety reasons.Replacing the sensor helps to ensure proper sensing capability of your carbon monoxide detector.

Timing: August (every 2 years)

How To

Replace the sensor component of your carbon monoxide detector according to your manufacturer’s recommendations.

If you don’t have the instructions from the manufacturer that came with the unit, then you can try looking on the Internet for the model, and then downloading the instructions.

You do not typically need to replace the entire unit, just the sensor. Just replacing the sensor, rather than the entire unit can save you money.


The cost of this task is moderate, depending on how many carbon monoxide detectors that you have in your home.


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