Deck Care and Cleaning


Replacing your existing wood decking with low-maintenance composite board will save you in annual upkeep costs, and reduces the risk of splinters when walking on it.


Routine Care

Inspect decking for deterioration

The purpose for doing this task is that a deck that has been allowed to deteriorate can cause serious injuries by allow people to fall, trip, etc.

Timing: May (yearly)

Clean and seal deck surfaces

Cleaning and sealing your decking will help extend it’s useful life.

Timing: May (yearly)

How To

Depending on your type of wood, cleaning and sealing decks typically requires 3 steps:

Day 1: Sweep off all dirt and debris; allow surfaces to dry.

Day 2: Spray on an oxalic acid solution; allow to sit per the manufacture’s recommendation, then hose of with water.

Day 3: Apply a good sealant.


Maintaining Value


Avoiding Unscheduled Repairs

Child Safety

The benefits of this task are that it maintains the appearance and extends the useful life of your decking.


The cost of this task is relatively high from an investment of time standpoint.


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