Spring Cleaning Checklist for Pet Owners

If you have a dog or cat, here is a quick checklist of things that you will want to consider as part of your spring cleaning regimen, to protect the very special needs of your four-legged friends.

Be careful with cleaning products, paints, and solvents.

Spring cleaning can mean introducing a lot of new products into your home. You should not only take care to keep these away from your pets, but also consider what could happen to them if they lick areas that have been treated with these chemicals (helpful accessory: non-toxic all-purpose cleaners).

Avoid stirring up mold.

Cleaning out moldy places in your home and causing mold spores to become airborne can be bad for your family members, and even worse for your pets. Be very careful if you find mold, and you may even want to bring in a professional to remediate the area (helpful accessory: mold test kits).

Send pet bedding to a commercial laundry.

As part of you household spring cleaning, you might want to consider sending your pet’s bedding out for some heavy-duty cleaning by a commercial laundry.

Watch for signs of allergies.

Just like for people, your spring cleaning activities (and springtime in general) can stir up allergens for your pets, so you will want to watch for signs of their distress (helpful accessory: allergy-relief tablets for pets).

Be careful with outdoor pesticides and fertilizers.

Be sure to check labels and ensure that they will be safe for your pets.

Check flower plantings.

Some flowers and plants can be dangerous for your pets.

Start brushing more.

As your pet begins to shed its winter coat, increasing your brushing will help reduce their shedding all over your house (helpful accessory: pet hair brushes).

Begin increasing pet activity.

Although not technically associated with spring cleaning, but if your pet has become a “couch potato” being indoors all winter, you might want to consider starting to ramp up their exercise routine.

Hopefully adding these checklist items to your spring cleaning routine will help ensure the safety of your dear pet


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