Fireplace (wood-burning) Suggestion


If you don’t already have one, installing a chimney cap and screening will prevent rain and animals from entering your chimney.

Routine Care Task

Clean and inspect fireplace chimney

Chimney fires can be very dangerous. This task will help prevent them.

Timing: June (yearly)

Check firewood supply, and order autumn delivery if needed

Help ensure adequate supplies for the winter, and that your woodpile is not being infected with pests that can be brought into your house.

Timing: September (yearly)

How To

Typically for $90 to $150, a professional chimney sweep will thoroughly clean your fireplace and chimney and check for defects. Or you can do the work yourself if you have the proper brushes and vacuums and don’t mind the mess or hassle.

The tasks include:

  • Inspect for creosote deposits in the flue. If greater than 1/8″ in thickness, then the chimney flue should be cleaned.
  • Check the firebox for damaged brick or mortar.
  • Check the damper for operation and snug fit. Also inspect for cracks, pitting or rusted-out sections.
  • Check the flue for broken or damaged bricks on the flue liner. Cracking is a sign that there has been a flue fire and is a potentially serious problem.

Check to see that you have adequate firewood supplies for the winter. Replenish supplies as necessary.

“Green” firewood should be allowed time to dry, so as to improve it’s burning characteristics.

Firewood should be covered with plywood or a tarp to keep rain and snow off the wood. Be sure to keep the woodpile at least about 6 inches off the ground. The reason for this is so that termites don’t get access to your wood (which can later infect your house). And also, having the pile off the ground allows you to be able to visually inspect whether termites are building earth “tubes” into your wood pile (see Pest Control).


The benefits of cleaning and inspecting fireplace chimney high, as it helps prevent dangerous and costly chimney fires.

The benefits of calling around early is that you have a better opportunity of finding good prices


The cost of cleaning and inspecting fireplace chimney is moderate and requires the scheduling of a qualified chimney sweep.

While calling around for firewood quotes cost very low.


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