Furniture (upholstered) Suggestion


Furniture (upholstered) Suggestion

Applying fabric protection to your upholstered furniture can help extend its useful life and making cleaning significantly easier.

Routine Care Task

Clean, vacuum, and fluff upholstered furniture

Dirt and dust on upholstered furniture acts as an abrasive and can accelerate the wearing of upholstered furniture.

Flipping and fluffing cushions and pillows helps to extend their useful lives.

Timing: March (yearly)

How To

Upholstered furniture should be vacuumed strongly on a regular basis, and pillows and cushions should be routinely flipped over and “fluffed” back to their original shapes.


The benefit of this task is modest. It helps to extend the useful life of your upholstered furniture.


The cost of this task is relatively low from an investment of time standpoint. It is a relatively easy task to do. An upholstery attachment for your vacuum cleaner is helpful for getting out dirt and dust from deep between cushions.


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