Hardwood Floors Suggestion


Use felt or other fabric pads under the legs of all furniture (especially chairs), and periodically check to see that they remain clean.

Routine Care

Inspect and wax hardwood floors

Regular maintenance of wooden floors will prolong the life and enhance the beauty of the wood.

Timing: March (yearly)

How To

Inspect the hardwood floor looking for any signs of cracking or separation. Repair as necessary. Also inspect the floor protection pads on the bottoms of the legs of furniture. Floor protector pads must be kept clean of grit, and replaced as they get worn.

Regardless of the type of finish (shellac, varnish, or penetrating sealer), all hardwood floors should be protected with wax to keep dirt from becoming embedded in the finish, and to help make routine cleaning easier. ONLY use a pasted wax or a solvent-block liquid wax (cleaning wax or polishing wax). NEVER use a self-polishing liquid wax, as these contain a high percentage of water.

After vacuuming off loose dust and dirt, pour a small amount of liquid wax on the floor, then spread by rubbing vigorously with a soft cloth or long-handled applicator. This action will loosen up dirt and old wax which will be picked up by the cloth or applicator. Work in sections, changing the cloth or applicator as necessary. Allow the wax to dry completely, then buff thoroughly with an electric polisher. The harder the wax is buffed, the brighter the shine and the longer it will last.

Points of care of hardwood floors:

  • Hardwood floors should be dust mopped, vacuumed, or swept with a soft bristle broom as often as necessary to remove dirt and dust from the surface. Walking on a dusty or dirty floor will quickly damage its finish.
  • Using a humidifier and dehumidifier to maintain a relative humidity or 30-50% will provide the optimum moisture in the wood, which will minimize the formation of cracks between the boards.


The benefit of this task is that it helps to extend the useful life of your hardwood floors.


The cost of this task is relatively low. The time required will depend on the size and age of your hardwood floors.


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