Telecommunication Rates


If you rarely use your home “landline,” consider getting rid of it, or substituting an Internet phone service instead.

Routine Care

Update service plan, and compare providers

Telephone service providers are continually introducing new service programs which can save you money on your telephone service costs.

Timing: July (yearly)

How To

Begin by checking your rates with your current telephone service provider. Most providers have the ability to review your usage patterns and to suggest a service program that can provide you the best value.

Also ask them what you can do to get your rates down (e.g. combining long distance and cellular services, avoiding long distance during peak rate periods, etc.).

And take the opportunity to shop around for other telephone service providers. You can find these on the Internet, yellow pages, etc.


The benefits of this task are high, given how phone rate plans are changing, which can create opportunities for savings.


The cost of this task is relatively low from an investment of time standpoint. It is estimated that this task should take about 60 minutes to complete, and the task requires making calls and comparing different telephone plans.


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