Tips towards smoother Inspections – Step 1 of 10

Step 1 Make things accessible

Its never good to finish an inspection with limitations due to inaccessible areas. It creates questions and uncertainties which could easily be addressed while on site.  A good inspector will do everything he or she can to “get in there”, however, we cannot take a chance on damaging the home or personal property.  So try to have things ready for the inspection.  Some examples;

Unlock (or provide keys for) all secured areas.

However, most inspectors don’t want to deal with keys (we often leave the property with them in our pocket!) and or the added responsibility of locking or unlocking everything.

Clear a path

Clear a path to access openings (especially crawl space/attic areas), electric panels, heaters etc. No inspector wants to hurdle over boxes, car seats and baby toys to get to something!

Remove access panel

If the access panel is painted shut or fussy think about removing it before the inspection so the inspector doesn’t have to take a chance on damaging. Trust me – inspectors love a home where efforts have been made improve workflow!