Tips towards smoother Inspections – Steps 5, 6 & 7

Step 5 – Improve Curb appeal

First impressions are important! Inspectors normally see the well-built home hiding behind the overgrown shrubs… but why take a chance?  I know more than one inspector that forms their initial opinion based on what they see when they pull in the driveway.

Step 6 – Don’t hide things

Hiding the crack in the foundation by putting a mattress in front of it, multiple air fresheners in the home to mask pet odor, hanging a poster over the hole in wall. Don’t do it!  Nothing makes an inspector work harder than the feeling he or she is being taken for a fool!

Step 7 – Provide maintenance history/documents

The more documents the better! Put them in a fancy binder!  This screams – “This owner cares!”  If they don’t have any – go online and print out manuals for the appliances, the heater and A/C, write out a page about the maintenance of the home, etc.  This allows the Inspector to reinforce “pride in homeownership” which all clients love to hear!