Maintenance Tips for Vinyl Siding


Block concentrated solar reflection from nearby energy-efficient glass windows, roofing, pavement, etc., which can cause heat distortion to your vinyl siding.


Routine Care

Inspect and clean vinyl siding

Loose vinyl siding can allow water to penetrate into the walls, and lead to rotting and insect infestation.

Cleaning helps the vinyl siding retain its appearance.

Timing: May (yearly)

How To

Inspection: Inspect vinyl siding for loose sections, cracking, buckling or bulging areas, and repair as necessary.

Cleaning: Cleaning vinyl siding can be done by using a long-handled car washing brush that has soft bristles and a handle that fastens to a garden hose. Avoid using stiff bristle brushes or abrasive cleaners as these can dull the gloss off the vinyl siding. Use a good detergent cleaner, and add laundry bleach if mildew is a problem.

NOTE: Be careful of using pressure washers, as they are powerful enough to force water under the vinyl siding where it can encourage mildew and rot.


Maintaining Value
Avoiding Unscheduled Repairs

The benefits of this task are high from doing the inspection, as this can prevent costly damage from penetration by water and insects. Pressure washing and cleaning help to maintain the appearance of your vinyl siding.


The cost of this task is moderately high. The inspection can usually done fairly quickly, but depending on the size of your home, washing your vinyl siding can be time consuming. You will need a pressure washer, ladders, long-handed brushes, etc. to do the cleaning associated with this task.


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